What is a Guardian?

Anyone who cares for another,keeps safe, protects,comforts,loves and provides for.

The Guardian Care Program

We created the program to assist people and the companions they love.
This program depends on continued Donations and Volunteers from the community.


  • Help people keep their pets- Annette speaks out

    Letter From Sandy.
    I would Like to Thank Annette Still of Pet Guardian Pet Service, Inc For all the help with the cats, kittens and even our own pets.
    I would like to thank for all the food to help feed them as most of us living here are living on fixed incomes and some of this small Community are disabled and can not do much at all but they try. I also want to thank her for putting my Bootsy in a new home And not have to take him to the pound. I have to go live with my Grandson now I can not afford to live on my own anymore. I could not take Boosty when I move only my dog Godfrey because My grandson is allergic this really broke my heart. Annette also helped my Godfrey he was groomed to get all The fleas off him he is happier now. Annette worked and is working so hard with her own money To get all the abandoned and other cats and kittens here fixed and shots. I know that she will keep trying to help everyone, she is the sweetest She was sent to us by God and she cares so much about the animals And us too. Annette God loves you and so do we. The cats that are here were left behind and we are doing our best To take care of them. Thank-you again for all this help you have given us and continued Support Sandy Todd and all of us here.

  • Please help keep pets and families Together

    " Feed the hungry and help those in trouble. Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon."

    Isaiah 58:10

  • Help people keep their pets- Annette speaks out
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