He needed accupuncture treatments so he could improve his quality of life. When Herbie came to us he could not move his lower body at all. I decided to try an alternative method because everyone was telling me to have Herbie Euthanized, But he had such a sweet spirit and I had to try for him.

I took Herbie to a vet who did acupuncture which is expensive but it gave Herbie a better life.
After 6 treatments Herbie got on his back legs. We took him outside and he was wobbly but was on his legs
I cried because "This was His Miracle." Praise God Herbie has improved and walks and even runs.
Herbie was one of my first rescues and he showed me that with love, prayer and looking for alternative treatments his life was changed. Herbie is a very joyful dog.Herbie Is just one of our permanent Pet Guardian residents he is 13 years old now. Animals like Herbie deserve good lives and we take in special needs pets in Faith That we can afford their care. If you would like to help by giving we appreciate.

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  • Georgie came to us as an emergency foster. His last owner said he had to get out of her house because he was acting unfriendly.
    This was odd to me because Georgie was bottle fed and the sweetest kitten when he was adopted. After a 5 minute conversation the lady said Georgie changed and he hisses at her. I ask could something be wrong, like a urinary infection or something? she replied ever since his declaw last week, he is just unfriendly and peeing in the sink. Gorgie was urinating in her sink because his paws hurt after the Declaw. The owner said she will not have an unfriendly cat in her home and will take him to a shelter. I took Georgie to my home and I noticed a confused, glazed look on his face.
    Georgie did not understand what happened to him and was scared, he has been a perfect kitty here.

    Georgie likes to groom, love and comfort the other rescue kitties that we take in. I prayed and felt Georgie needed love and to feel secure and he is a permanent rescue.

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